Announcement for the 7th Combined Meeting of the Japanese and American Societies for Surgery of the Hand

It is a great honor to announce that the 7th Combined Meeting of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand and the Japanese Society for Surgery of the Hand will take place from March 27 to 29, 2021 in Hawaii. I extend a cordial invitation to our more than 3,800 ASSH and 3,300 JSSH members, as well as their families, to this event that is certain to be exciting and productive.

The organizing committee has decided to hold the 7th ASSH/JSSH Combined Meeting at Waikiki in Honolulu. This is partly due to the geographical location of Hawaii, memorable site of the previous 6 meetings, which lies about halfway between Japan and the mainland United States. But Hawaii also has special significance in the beginnings of modern hand surgery and the decades of friendship between ASSH and JSSH.

Today, Japan and the United States maintain the closest of bilateral relationships and work intimately in all domains. However, more than 75 years ago, the two countries fought fiercely for supremacy in the Pacific during World War II, sacrificing innumerable precious lives. During that time, U.S. Army Surgeon General Norman T. Kirk, recognizing that many soldiers needed reconstructive surgery requiring specialized care of the hand, asked Dr. Sterling Bunnell to educate military surgeons on how to manage hand injuries, which gave rise to modern hand surgery. One year after the end of the war, 35 pioneers in the nascent specialty founded ASSH, and the rapid development of hand surgery began. Ten years later, ASSH reached out to Japan, which was just recovering from the devastation of World War II, by generously supporting the Japanese Orthopaedic Association and helping launch the Japanese Society for Surgery of the Hand (JSSH) as the second official hand surgical society in the world. ASSH also gave Japanese doctors the opportunity to practice and study hand surgery, which triggered a virtuous circle where these newly trained hand surgeons led the development of JSSH. In light of this background, I would like to emphasize once again the significance of gathering active hand surgeons of both societies at Honolulu, exchanging ideas, and deepening friendships in the aim of further advancing hand surgery.

Society has undergone dramatic change over the past seven decades; so too have patients' expectations for what hand surgery can offer. At the same time, supported by rapid advancements in medical science and technology, the specialty of hand surgery itself has undergone radical transformations. Considering these factors, we uphold the theme of a "New Era of Innovation in Hand Surgery." Currently, more than 70 members of JSSH are working enthusiastically on preparations, collaborating closely with the ASSH organizing committee led by Prof. Kevin Chung, who has the distinction of being not only my co-president for the 7th ASSH/JSSH Combined Meeting but also the 74th President of ASSH.

I look forward to meeting many members of ASSH and JSSH at Waikiki and sharing a fruitful and rewarding experience.

Hitoshi Hirata, M.D., Ph.D

Hitoshi HirataPresident, Japanese Society for Surgery of the Hand

On behalf of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand as the 75th President, I welcome you to the combined meeting between JSSH and ASSH in Hawaii Our two societies have historic education and research ties tracing to the founding of our organizations. The sharing of knowledge between the East and West enriches our understanding of hand surgery to further the growth of our specialty. This meeting promises to be an exciting scientific program that is led by Drs. Kakinoki, Rizzo and Yao. The venue meeting in sunny Waikiki promises to provide a lovely family respite from the interminable winter season. I enthusiastically invite our respective membership to partake in this event to rekindle old friendship and establish new ones.
I look forward to seeing everyone in Hawaii.

Kevin C. Chung

Kevin C. Chung75th President, American Society for Surgery of the Hand

I am pleased to announce that the 7th Combined Meeting of the Japanese and American Societies for Surgery of the Hand will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii from March 27 (Sat) to March 29 (Mon) of 2021. I would like to extend my invitation to the members of both societies to attend with their families. Since the first meeting that was held in 1967, this society has periodically organized meetings to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience, and technology between Japanese and American hand surgeons. The meetings are dialogic in nature to deepen our mutual understanding and strengthen our friendship. The conference will be held in English and will comprise of symposiums, workshops, oral presentations, and e-posters. Since there will be ample free time in the afternoon, it is my hope that everyone will also enjoy participating in recreational activities such as golf, tennis, and shopping during their stay.

Hiroyuki Kato

Hiroyuki KatoHonorary President, Japanese Society for Surgery of the Hand